the PACK

All things DOG.

WE the People of Dog Gone Tired pledge to have your dog’s tongue hanging out having enjoyed a ritual dear to their heart!  A walk with Dog Gone Tired.

Dog Gone Tired is the voice of the dog.  Changing the way we see dog walking.

Our focus is EXERCISE.  We believe exercise is the most important for dogs well being.            

A Tired dog is Dog Gone happy.

DGT is owned and operated by husband and wife team Shannon and Emily.  Shannon, a Williamsburg/Yorktown Alumni, has been invested in Arlington for decades.  Both working and volunteering with local shelters and also members of  the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

Arlington, Virginia


2 thoughts on “the PACK

  1. DOB: March 6, 2009

    I am a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I weigh about 40 pounds. I love my home but unfortunately can not stay. I need to find a new home with out other dogs and children.
    My mom and dad can no longer keep me as a result of an incident between myself and another dog. I was insecure and overreacted to a situation. Unfortunately, I bit my k-9 neighbor. I just have yet to learn how to behave around other pooches. If you are a responsible person with intimate knowledge of my breed and have the time to show me the path of enlightenment, I think my current guardian would be happy to see me join your family. I adore people! I could adore you!

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